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Steve S
Steve S, aka LBritish, is the owner of several aquaria websites including,,,, and These quality sites are part of the LittleFishTank Network of sites on Everything Aquatic.  

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Blog blog blog blog
By Steve S | Published  10/22/2005
What's a blog?  ok... so if you've had your head in the sand pretty much everyone and his brother has a blog now.  Heck some people's PETS have blogs now.  Anyway...  A blog is a lazy way of saying web log.  A log on the web about SOMETHING... or nothing in particular.  Generally someone rambles about whatever topic is in their mind that day in general or about a particular subject matter.  It's generally like a big public diary.  Some use them to write news but in an "informal" way.  Well... we got blogs over here... what we're gonna do with 'em... who knows.
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