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The Nitrogen Cycle and Fishless Cycling
By Barbie F | Published  09/8/2005 | General | Unrated
How do I do this Fishless Cycling thing?

Fishless cycling sounds very involved and scientific but it's really not too difficult. One of the biggest challenges can be obtaining pure ammonia. You want to make sure you get a type without foaming agents, colors, or scents. That will usually be the cheapest brand available. Add ammonia to the aquarium to reach a level of 5ppm, and keep track of how much ammonia that takes. Add that same amount daily until you start to see nitrites, then reduce the level to the amount you had been adding. Once both ammonia and nitrite read 0, you can do a large volume water change to reduce nitrates to a manageable level and add your new fish! (Many thanks to Nomad for developing this wonderful time saving method.)

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